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Gurunam Singh's Crimson Sadhana presents his music in its most beautiful state, with his heart laid out for the listener. Gurunam's powerful vocals are the lead instrument on this album, taking you gently through the chants that are used as the daily morning practice in Kundalini Yoga. With his devotion filling every note, Gurunam's voice is accompanied by harmonium, guitars, tabla, udu, bass and cello.

Simrit Kaur, sings with him on a few of the tracks, bringing her sweet and soaring voice to the album. Gurunam is also joined by a choir of voices recorded live at Spirit Fest 2010 on the Wahe Guru track, lifting the energy of that track up to an ecstatic space. This album's name was inspired by the words of Guru Ram Das "Through the Guru, I am dyed a deep crimson. This body and mind are wet with the love of the Lord."

Tracks: Wah Yantee - Universal Consciousness (7:36) Mool Mantra Prosperity (7:51) Sat Siri Siri Akal Victory (7:17) Rakhe Rakhanhar Protection (7:24) Wahe Guru - Divine Blessings (22:21) Guru Ram Das - Healing (5:23)

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